Next Up: Candy Bars

This is one of the advantages of working with 13-year-olds: they think of things you’d never have come up with on your own. Like making your own candy bars. Casting about on the web, I see there are quite a few home made candy bar recipes out there, but almost all of them appear to call for off-the-shelf components like pre-made wrapped caramels and jars of marshmallow fluff. But I say: where’s the fun in that? Let’s see what sort of mess we can make.

10 thoughts on “Next Up: Candy Bars”

  1. Take 5? Twix? Kit Kat? Snickers? Cadbury Fruit & Nut? Milky Way?
    I’m all ready to eat. AND make whatever inspires you!

    1. I guess we’ll just see where it goes, Charm! Snickers is definitely on the list. Twix is a for-sure…who knows what else. We could milk this for quite a while!

      – Joe

      1. You should look at Stella Parks! She’s well known for her completely homemade recipes of many classic American sweets, including candy bars of course. They’re mostly from her cookbook BraveTart, but all the recipes can also be found online.

  2. We make “Twix bars” sometimes. Basically it’s a snickerdoodle-ish cookie crust (like you’d use for fruit pizza), then homemade caramel candy poured over it, and chocolate ganache poured over the top. We make it in a 9×13 pan like brownies. It’s really good! But we don’t make it often because it’s like making three desserts to get one dessert… It would be fun to try something with nougat though. Excited to see what you have in mind!

    1. Hey Marilyn!

      We’re definitely going to try these, but we’ve got to get a couple of the more basic bars under our belts first. I do need to figure out what those interiors are. Snickerdoodle you say…I’l look into that!



  3. Joe – First, welcome back! I was quite bummed as I usually check in from Denver on a super snowy winter-y day, usually in February, and the site was down completely (or at least I couldn’t access it.) Second, WELCOME BACK!!! I can’t say how refreshing it is to not be bombarded with ads/videos/tirades while trying to find a recipe for flatbread dough or some other such whim. I love your efforts here for the candor, humor and simplicity of it all!

    On to more topical things (although it’s old now) – I love making homemade candy bars. Butterfingers are a favorite of mine, what I like about it (and my sons too) is that you can make them any size/shape you’d like to and they give you a sense of satisfaction. The original butterfinger recipe I found was nothing more than boiled sugar/corn syrup with some peanut butter beat into while still hot then set to cast and cool. It actually did setup in the layers like you’d get with the real thing. From then, I was hooked!

    Thanks for all you share with us!

    1. Hey Dave!

      Thanks for that. It made my day.

      These were young Joan’s idea, and I shall return to them, but for now she’s out of commission and we have to get her back to full health before we can do these in earnest. I promise that come next year we’ll delve in with gusto!



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