In know, I know…

“International” flour types extend well beyond France and Italy. All I can say is that I spent the lion’s share of last week (including many of my so-called “work” hours) on those posts, to say nothing of updating (read: rewriting) almost all the flour-related pieces in the ingredients section. My brain is a little burned on the subject of flour just now. When I return to it, I’ll probably do German or Dutch flours. Or those of one of the remaining 192 nations on Earth. For now it’s now it’s back to Florentines.

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  1. These posts have been fascinating and informative. I never knew anything about ash content or extraction rate, but it is really helpful to read your explanation. In the midst of reading your posts, I picked up the Jul/Aug issue of Bake From Scratch which is completely devoted to Ireland. It was interesting to learn, in their feature article about soda bread, that their soil will only produce wheat that is extremely low in both gluten and protein which is why soda bread is almost all they could do with it. AND I completely understood why with my new knowledge.

    Thanks for such helpful information. My husband’s eyes glaze over when I try to explain all of this to him, but I find all facets of baking amazing and want to share my new knowledge. He’s happy just eating the bread and treats I’ve been churning out for the last 3 months non-stop.

    1. Hey Linda!

      It’s surprisingly interesting stuff, isn’t it? Though definitely not everyone’s cup of proverbial tea. You’re reminding me of a boss I had long ago. One day around the water cooler he told me that his wife had started listening to NPRs’s afternoon shows. He was happy about it, he said, but that “she suddenly finds herself with all this excess information” that she would then pass on to him every evening. He was a funny guy. I need to give him a call!

      But that’s interesting stuff about Irish land and Irish wheat. Makes a lot of sense, though I’d never considered it before! Thanks!



  2. Come on Joe, we need a detailed analysis of Australian flour, including a break down by state and region!

    I would suggest a fact finding mission once this virus situation is done!

    1. Not that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

      Youngster, I like the way you think.

      – Joe

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