I have the funniest feeling…

…like when you head to the fridge to sneak a spoonful of leftover ganache. You tell yourself you’re only going to have a taste, but down deep you know you’re going to finish it.

I’m going to do the old school stack cake as well.

6 thoughts on “I have the funniest feeling…”

  1. Joe: Your blog is one of three bookmarks on my iPad — the weather and my work email are the other two. Over the past few years, I’ve hit the bookmark every few months, just in case, hoping that you might return. And last night, I hit gold! When I read your sign-off post in November 2015, I felt bad that I had never commented on your blog to let you know how much I enjoy it. So, here I am now: I love your blog! I’ll be celebrating your return by making the perfect shelter-in-place food: knishes. Thanks for the recipe, and thanks for coming back to us.

    1. Knishes! NOW you’re talkin’. Let me know how they turned out, OrangeKat.

      And how flattering is that…JP, weather, and work? Kat, I’m grateful. Thank you for your lovely comment!

      – Joe

  2. Oh Joe! You’re back!! What a happy day for me and everyone I’ve told about your smart site and great recipes! Just early last week, wanting to make enough biscotti for myself and nearest neighbors during our current Shelter In Place event, I doubled your recipe (packed with chopped almonds), shared with five friends and ate the greater portion myself, loving every perfect bite. Thank you for keeping your site alive and for returning to reassure your grateful readers that you are too! Here’s to good health and happy baking for us all!

    1. Hey Maureen!

      It’s great to be back! Thank you for the big ol’ spirit boost! I know there was a rumor circulating that I was dead. I swear I’d have mentioned it if I had been. Thanks for your concern and here’s to many more years of baking!



  3. Hey Joe, you’ve saved my sanity on my night shift tonight. I’ve missed your blog so much, and now I’ve got so much new content to scroll through and think about. So pleased to see you back blogging. Hope you and the Pastry family are hunkering down and staying safe. From Covid free NZ…

    1. Hey Annemarie!

      That sure warms a fellow’s heart! I’m glad to be back as well, even if I’m not able to post so regularly. I’m back where I belong I suppose. 😉

      And we are doing well. COVID came and went in our house, and all it did was redden a few toes. We got off very lightly, and now it’s happily behind us.

      Cheers and thanks!

      – Joe

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