Hunting the Long-Lost Apple

A fascinating article here about a group of hard core (no pun intended) apple lovers who spend their time roaming the wilds of the Pacific Northwest searching for pioneer-era apple orchards and the heirloom varietals they contain.

The article is really about the group, not the culture of apples in the 19th Century, though I was a bit disappointed that the author didn’t delve a little further into the function of apples on the homestead. Sure, apples were for eating, but they were mostly for drinking. Oh, and in a sense, for gambling.

Yes, there’s quite a mixed history once you get beneath the shiny red veneer of the wholesome apple. Check it out if you have the time!

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  1. Really really good to have you back!!! This blog is such an essential resource for me

    1. Meadow you lovely you. I had you on my list for a note this afternoon. But I shall express my appreciation now: thank you!

      Happy Derby day to you, wherever you may be! Cheers,

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