Hand Pie Two-Fer: Pierogis

Another lesson that life’s mysterious, coincidental turnings follow you wherever you go. Via an odd chain of events we were invited to help a family here in St. Louis with their annual Christmas tradition: pierogi making. Seems their German-Polish Oma is 100 years old this year, and at long last just a bit too tired to make them. How do you say no to that?

Oma had her (mother’s) recipe committed to memory. Without her handy we had to put together our own (with many nods to family tradition, obviously). The end result was great. Recipe and photos up shortly!

4 thoughts on “Hand Pie Two-Fer: Pierogis”

  1. I can’t wait… metaphorically speaking, of course. Don’t rush, but I hope you will “unwrap” the mysteries (yes, intentionally plural) of the myriad fillings and the diversity of cooking methods. Pierogi are quite far from any of my family or cultural underpinnings, and my most frequent experience with them are the frozen versions from the supermarket. I love eating even those… so this may be an opportunity for you to save my soul by inspiring an understanding of the real deal!

    1. I hate to sound like a broken foodie record, but those store-bought things…forget’em, dude.

      And I will get into some of the differences between the iterations. Having grown up in Chicago, known more than a few Poles and Russians, and having made/eaten a healthy share of these things, I can offer at least a little perspective.

      More shortly!

      – Joe

  2. Pierogi! I live near Buffalo NY, another rust belt city with a big Polish population. Pierogi are a big deal around here, especially around Easter. Looking forward to this!

    1. Should have some good tips, Jane.

      The Christmas ones were such a hit they asked if we’d make more to freeze for later. So we’ll be spending our afternoon today doing exactly that!

      It’s good to be busy…

      – Joe

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