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Fruitcake lovers, this is your wakeup call.

Those who live for true Christmas fruitcake — yes there are plenty of us still out here — be advised that now is the time to start pulling your ingredients together. For as we all know, the perfectly cellared cake takes months to cure. Have my parents shared their famous English fruitcake recipe with me yet? Of course not. They swore a blood oath of secrecy some five decades ago. The last one of them to survive will set a match to it as their final act on Earth. Thank goodness I’m not bitter about it. That would be unseemly.

11 thoughts on “Fruitcake lovers, this is your wakeup call.”

  1. I must have missed that recipe the first time around, I think I might try it. But I’d like to halve it. (Don’t shoot me!)

    I’ve also been interested in another kind of fruitcake: the Jamaican Black Cake. Have you ever made this? Do you have a recipe? Care to try one out “live” with us?

    1. Hey Chana!

      That’s the third request for a Caribbean preparation I’ve received in as many days. Looks like I need to investigate!

      – Joe

  2. I hear you, brother, and will follow you to the gates of the hot-box. Due to multiple deaths in the family over the recent years I’m the sole fruitcake eater remaining. Just finished the last of the 2018… didn’t make one in 2019. So I guess I need to put on the apron and get baking! Thanks for the reminder and permission!

    1. Our civilization has come to a sorry state when we need permission to make a good fruitcake! I’d say it’s time to get after it!


      – Joe

  3. Speaking of fruit cake, is this the year you’ll try Hans Röckenwagner’s Desdener Stollen, Joe? I *promise* you won’t be disappointed.

    I candy some orange peel just before Thanksgiving and make my stollen just after. That and some candied ginger is the only candied fruit in it. The rest is natural dried fruit that won’t produce that gloppy texture and heavy flavor. It doesn’t need drenching in anything and it *is* the flavor of Christmas.

    It also doesn’t need to age so if you don’t get to it months ahead you still have time to make one. But it will wait for months too so you can have it done before holiday crazy starts ticking away. Just give it a vacuum pack.

    I put marzipan in mine. (Don’t know why he doesn’t…) This year I may make miniature 3 or 4 bite size ones that don’t need to be sliced.

    1. I shall look at that one, Rainey. Why not? Mrs. Pastry loves stollen. This may be the year to change things up!

      – Joe

  4. Not about fruitcake at all–but a question about making turnovers and sealing the edges. For the first time, today I painted the entire surface of the puff paste with egg wash, before adding the filling or even cutting out the turnovers. It worked much better than the fiddly little painting the edges while trying to shove raspberries out of the way. Why shouldn’t I do this all the time? Pork Wellington, etc. What am I not seeing?

    1. Hey Sally!

      Interesting technique! If that’s working for you then by all means do it. Painting with wash before cutting seems a little risky to me, in that the cutter would tend to push the wash down into the edges, potentially gluing the little dough sheets together. But that’s mostly a theoretical concern. I may try it myself!


      – Joe

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