Back Soon…

I’d hoped to get one bar done before we headed out to the Appalachian foothills for a 4-day cabin break, but you know how it is when you’re trying to get out of town, tasks stack up. So it’ll be hiking, card games and s’mores for the Pastrys these next few days. And social distancing, especially from the bears.

14 thoughts on “Back Soon…”

      1. I am making “sourdough” Bear Claws. Following your recipe but adding sourdough starter instead of yeast, and adding more fermenting time. I will let you know how it goes. I just laminated, and will give it an extra day to ferment.

      2. I have had 32 bear encounters in BC and Alberta throughout my life and only 2 of them wanted to eat me…

  1. Hey Joe!

    Im looking to get the most flavor out of my glazes. Do you have recommendations? Im using glazes for doughnuts. Do you have recipes you could share with me? Let me know! Thank you!

    1. Hey Joe!

      When you say glazes, you mean simple sugar glazes? There are quite a few things you can do…add extracts, make them with tea-like infusions or fruit pastes, stir in cocoa or other flavor-enhancing powders…the list goes on. Let me know what sorts of things you’re looking for!


      – Joe

  2. Hope you will have, are having, and have had a great time. It’s been tough this year getting some quality family time; I’m happy that you did!

    1. Thanks Brian!

      The vacation out to the mountains was followed by a business trip, my first in many months. As much as I dislike business travel in normal times, I have to say it felt pretty good!


      – Joe

  3. hi! m a fan… on and off. =) just been using your blog to research on something when i need it. just wondering if u have a youtube channel.

    1. Hey Ricardo!

      No I don’t. It’s not a bad idea, thought I’d never find the time. Blogging is really my thing.

      Come back soon!

      – Joe

  4. I accidentally opened your website, was shocked! No ads, very neat and professional, love it!

    1. Thanks Jie! I greatly appreciate that. If there was any real money to be made in ads anymore I’d probably have some! But these days all they do is muck your site up with code, caused readability problems, and irritate visitors. This isn’t a “money gig” for me anyway. I do it for the love of it.

      Come back when you can!

      – Joe

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