Any minute now…

Hey! Sorry for the delays here. I got cocky and left the starter out on the kitchen counter all weekend without feeding it. Oops. As a result it is, even now, quite unmotivated. I’ll keep feeding it. By tomorrow we should be back in business. Little Joan, who is on spring break (whatever that means under the current cuircumstances), is dying to get these things moving. I am too. Hopefully we’ll check in with a tutorial post by late day tomorrow.

Meantime I’m happily occupied with work. Several surprise projects have come in over the last two weeks, and they’re most welcome. Once they run out I’m not sure where new work will come from, so I want to get them done and billed while I can!

4 thoughts on “Any minute now…”

  1. The website is full of fun and useful tips n tricks, I made the whole wheat sandwich bread from Peter Reinhart today, facilitated by your photo tutorial from 2010.

    The stores were out of instant yeast last month when the craziness started, I’ve been adapting to using active dry with magnificent results. ( Your site leans toward instant for the simplicity, as you know) The whole wheat was a challenge as the second-day mix includes 2 1/4 tsp. instant yeast but only has honey for liquid in the recipe. Turned out perfect if I say so myself.

    1. Hey Dave! Yes there isn’t a lot of yeast on the shelves just generally, but it sounds like your improvisations are working extremely well. Keep up the great work!

      – Joe

  2. I usually stay on my phone. But got on my desktop and was looking at bookmarked sites, and saw yours. Just for old times sake, I clicked on. I saw you were back posting. This is a tough time for everyone. Your recipes will help us get our minds off the virus. Thanks for being back. 🙂
    I’m Barbarainnc who just loves Danish. I’ve been making pizza, sub rolls and cookies.

    1. You don’t have to identify yourself, Barbara, I remember you well! Great to be in touch again. Yes it was a temporary site meltdown plus a virus that got me back posting again. I think I’ll keep it up for a while. I shall look forward to renewing our friendship! How are things in NC?


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