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A New Holiday Tradition?

Reader Steve crushed it last week with this never-before-seen idea: a Halloween “gingerbread” house flavored with cocoa powder instead of gingerbread. Extra design points for the Tim Burton-esque asymmetry and the boarded-up windows and doors, which are truly inspired. I also like the neon-green gummy worms emerging from the mad science basement, preparing to wreak their freakish, mutant vengeance upon the world. Feast your eyes:

Way to invent a whole new category of holiday sweet, Steve. We’ll have to hold a competition next year!

2 thoughts on “A New Holiday Tradition?”

  1. LOVE the indication of bricks!

    I used to do Christmas gingerbread houses until my kids got into it and picked up the mantle. Man! They surpassed my efforts by miles and the whole school used to look forward to what they’d bring in to teachers as holiday gifts.

    What I really wanted to say, however, was something I learned too late to employ. If you think of your gingerbread structures as piñatas and tuck in surprises there can be an entirely different element of fun when, at last, the kids can break into them.

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