Thank You and Farewell

Everyone, thanks. Some part of me thought a site redesign could somehow paper over my fundamental lack of time. It just goes to show the lengths we’re often willing to go to kid ourselves. The girls are getting frighteningly large and need me for all the usual pre-teen and a pre-pre-teen things: homework, family dinners, sport practices and games, and frequent, urgent talks off the emotional ledge. Mrs. Pastry can only do so much.

The site will stay up as long as there’s an internet, so don’t worry about it going away. All the recipes, tutorials and other mumbo-jumbo will be here indefinitely (the URL is paid up for five years and I’ll keep paying it, plus hosting). Use it and feel free to take anything you’d like from it (content, photos) for projects of your own. Credits are welcome but not required.

This has been a whole lot of fun. Please do not feel you need to comment on this post. So many of you wrote such kind and flattering things when I announced my hiatus this summer. I’ll apply all that here, to my official goodbye. I am a very blessed man and I thank you all for nearly ten years of work and reward. Must go. The girls are digging potatoes in the garden and need me to turn over the dirt.

Cheers, love and peace to all,

– Joe

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