Speaking of Cast Iron…

…what about doing chicken pot pies next? The weather is cooling off, I think I’m ready. I may make them in crockery, actually. But either way it’s worth thinking about, no?

5 thoughts on “Speaking of Cast Iron…”

  1. Yes! I’d love a comparison of standard American pie crust and British hot water pastry. Both are delicious, but such different methods and results.

    1. Hey Wendy! As you’ve probably seen there are recipes for both on the site, but I will be happy to put up a post on the differences. Cheers,

      – Joe

  2. I’m curious about the connection to cast iron. I’ve always done chicken pot pies in ceramic casseroles. Have I been missing something?

  3. I’ve got a great recipe for chicken, ham & fennel potpies that my kids love if you’d like!

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