Holy cow!

I can post without getting locked out of my own site for the day. Praise the good lord. Some more serious posting starting Monday!

8 thoughts on “Holy cow!”

    1. You have no idea…

      Between learning this new version of WordPress (mine was ancient by the time I got this update) and the bugs, I was truly a baker on the edge. Hopefully things will go a little smoother now!

      – Joe

  1. Hey, Joe:

    I was puttering around the internet (instead of doing actual work), when I came across this article regarding gluten quality and dough properties, and thought of you, ranting wild-eyed and unkempt (at least, in my mind you were) about the difference between Italian and American flours and their respective properties. Anyway, the link is here: http://gizmodo.com/its-the-flour-not-just-the-yeast-that-makes-for-perfe-1734776086, I hope you enjoy it!

    Chris R

    1. For even greater effect I also stand on my desk and wave large objects threateningly! Thanks for this, Chris! Very interesting stuff!


      – Jim

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