Where can I shop for “heritage” bananas?

I had a number of emails on this subject last week. Here’s one idea: the Solomon Islands.

Regular reader Warren, who lives on Guadalcanal, writes:

Your posts about bananas got me out with the camera at my local market last week. I haven’t seen a Cavendish since I left New Zealand. I’ve seen at least 5 different types of bananas here, from little fat “lady finger” type, to huge plaintains. I’ve found the small fat ones are incredibly sweet, rolled in flour and sugar and deep fried they are real heart attack material. Anyway, a few photos of what I can get in the market here, the prices are in Solomon Island dollars, $8.65 to US$1.00

Ain’t the internet wonderful? If only it was as easy to nip down there for a shop as it is to receive a few photographs. My Bananas Foster would have been heritage indeed. Thanks Warren!

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