Making Kringle…Again

A strip-style kringle is more of an American (or at least a Racine, Wisconsinite) thing, though reader Jo recently sent me a link to a picture of a Danish chocolate kringle that was done this way (thanks, Jo!). As you can see it’s a whole different presentation, and kinda cool in its own way. You simply lay out your dough piece and spread your filling down the middle. You may need to roll it a little wider, just so everything fits.

You fold the top third down…

…and the bottom third up.

I cut mine in half so it fit a bit better on the sheet, but a U-shape would have definitely been in-bounds. All you do at this point is paint it with egg wash, proof, paint and bake like a regular kringle.

About to here. I didn’t put on any topping obviously, but a little streusel would probably be a good call here.

I gotta admit, though chocolate isn’t traditional, it’s pretty darn good kringle.

Oh yes, darn good indeed….

7 thoughts on “Making Kringle…Again”

  1. I lived in Madison, WI for five years and office-mates were constantly bringing in kringle to share — I couldn’t stand the stuff! Every single kringle I ever tried was so sickeningly sweet, with gummy, doughy pastry, gloppy jam filling and a thick drizzle of sweet white icing. Blech! Still, your kringle posts are making me think of giving it a try at home, if only to expunge the memories of horrible kringles past. *shudder* Anyway, my point was supposed to be that the kringle I always saw in Wisconsin was sort of this style with the open top, but even more so. Usually there’d only be a little rim of pastry around the sides with most of the filling down the middle exposed. And it was always in a complete oval shape.

    1. Never having had kringle in Madison I can’t speak to that, Phoebe. I know there are better kringles to be had in Wisconsin. But it’s true that sometimes they’re not made very well…pie crust bottoms and chewy tops…not my cup of tea. I promise this one is different!

      – Joe

  2. Sorry you had a horrible experience, Phoebe. I’ve only had kringles from one particular shop (can’t recall the name of it as a vendor sends them in). Those aren’t terribly sweet or gummy. I guess it’s like anything. A donut is not always a donut. 🙂

  3. Looks darn tasty. I like the ratio of crust to filling. A re-Kringle blog isn’t a bad thing!

    1. I suppose it is a bit in fact. It’s a different animal, really.A little less fluffy this way, but a bit more flavorful and textural.

      Try’em both!

      – Joe

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