Pre-Derby Post Problems

The Kentucky Derby is two days away. The big locals race, The Oaks, is tomorrow. Which means Louisville is vibrating at a very high frequency this week. Posting may be difficult before Monday, but we’ll see. Understand that my intentions are good. The juleps have a way of distracting me from my responsibilities.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Derby Post Problems”

  1. We need a quick tutorial on how to make mint juleps in time for the big race! Hmmmm, did someone say whiskey? That’s a project I can get behind.

    1. If there was any mint to be had in this town believe me, I would. I didn’t get my own plant in the ground in time this year.

  2. Sip away. But for the pastry lover in all of us; don’t mix the juleps with those macho power tools you have been using recently.

  3. Well, let’s just file Mint Juleps in the Kentucky Derby file for next year, and I will remind you to plant the mint early.

    We don’t plant mint here in CT very often as it is a feral thing and takes over any garden plot it is put in. A few brave souls try to contain it in a pot, but somehow it makes a break for it and the next thing you know, the azaleas have a funny smell.

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