How to heighten the effect.

To add still more height to your already thick cookie, pretend baking guy Onofre set the oven a little too high that night, and turn the heat up to 400. This will firm the egg proteins on the outside of the dough ball faster, and bring spreading to a halt that much sooner. Of course you’ll want to compensate by baking for a slightly shorter time.

You can also pretend our mixer guy left the machine on a little too long and cream the butter and sugar until it’s extra fluffy. This will add air and volume. Adding little extra flour in the mix will give the cookies more structure.

Then of course there’s always the trick of acidifying the dough to help the egg proteins throughout the dough to set up faster…a little cream of tartar or lemon juice works nicely to prevent spread and promote thickness. In fact, this particular tip may just be the secret to perfecting the European chocolate chip cookie. There cultured butters, due to their sharp melting points, generally cause cookies to spread too far too fast. Results so far have been very promising.

4 thoughts on “How to heighten the effect.”

  1. How much cream of tarter? I tried this last time I made chocolate chip cookies along with baking them at 400 and they were much thicker than normal. However, they had kind of a metallic/’off’ taste to them – did I add too much? I probably added 2 small pinches.

    1. Hey Amy! I’d say a pinch will do it. But I should have specified. Thanks for the question!

      – Joe

  2. Joe! I need your help…

    The kids are all excited about this chocolate chip cookie cup fad, but I’m not sure how I should go about adjusting the recipe to make it work… I mean I suppose the dough should be stable enough to hold its shape like a cutout cookie. But how do you achieve this? Should I just add more flour?

    So the question is: how to make a chocolate chip cookie cup that tastes like a serious chocolate chip cookie?

    Thank you in advance for any tips!

    1. Hey Diogo!

      Yes I’ve seen those. It looks to me like a standard chocolate chip cookie dough is all your really need for those. Just press it into a muffin mold and bingo-bango! I’d say if you’re having trouble with them running you can try adding a little more flour and/or boosting the heat a little to get the eggs to set early. Let me know how the experiments go!


      – Joe

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