Can any creaming method recipe be switched to the “reverse” creaming method?

Indeed yes (to answer a great many more questions that came my way this weekend). The general rule of thumb, as I wrote before, is to combine all the dry ingredients plus the sugar at the outset, add the softened fat, then about 50-75% of the liquid, whatever it takes to make a smooth batter. Combine the rest of the liquid with the eggs, and add it in three installments.

Is the “two-stage” or “reverse” creaming method good for everything? Definitely not. I’d stick to the traditional creaming method for things like cookies. One reader wrote in and said he tried the reverse method on banana bread with excellent results. My advice: experiment with it.

2 thoughts on “Can any creaming method recipe be switched to the “reverse” creaming method?”

  1. according to cooks illustrated the reverse creaming method is good for some cookies and layer cakes as reverse creaming doesnt allow a cake to rise like creaming the butter and sugar together does. theres a whole science behind it. i made a reversed creamed layer cake tonight, and while excellent it was most assuredly flatter than normal.

    1. Hi Jaycee! I’m in agreement with that for the most part. Thanks for the comment!

      – Joe

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